Brooklyn Nets

We Are Brooklyn

Capturing the essence of Brooklyn, The Nets, and the fans.

The Challenge

For the opening Brooklyn Nets season, build hype every night before starting lineups and create a ritual that fans don’t want to miss, fresh and ownable to Brooklyn.

The Creative Solution

We created a 60-second “opening video” capturing the essence of Brooklyn, The Nets, and their fans. This video is told and seen through the eyes and perspectives of Brooklyn’s youth. Their diverse, restless, optimistic and full-of-life nature parallels our film and the team, capturing the hopefulness of a season and the love of Brooklyn.

The Craft

Versus captured game anticipation by taking a stylized journey across Brooklyn. We used unique animations, typography, and mixed media to insert players into textural elements within the borough, creating a fantastical experience that’s as limitless as the Nets’ future.

In addition to the game opening video, Versus created a seamless and immersive in-arena experience by building an on-court screen takeover to spotlight key moments in the Game, using animation to create a unique energy across the stadium.