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125 Years

For 125 years, Strayer University has a built a tradition of breaking tradition. They challenge the norm, break the rules, pivot and disrupt. EP+CO partnered with Versus and Director/CD Justin Barnes to create an on-air and online campaign that interplayed the three realities of Strayer students over the last 125 years: personal life, work life, student life.  This juxtaposition was created through a double exposure approach that maximized the depth and emotion of their legacy by condensing multiple realities into one narrative.

Project Components

Design & Animation
Live Action
Post Production

To bring this world to life, Versus began with a one-day shoot, featuring 6 talent that spanned the diverse times, cultural divides, and changing professions that Strayer was there for.  Talent was thoughtfully framed and lit to create silhouettes with dramatic lighting, then shot with an over-cranked camera to build the dramatic nature of the spot.  This balance of contrast was pivotal in building a balanced frame, so that when we composited and overlaid the footage, the dark areas held the original image, while letting the light area build in detail for transitions.

From there Versus VFX and animation team composited the most thoughtful and engaging live action silhouettes, with authentic and powerful archival footage from Strayer and historical stock footage that complimented it in look, movement and tone. These composites seamlessly transitioned into each other, alongside an emotional music track and powerful voice over, to ultimately create an all-inclusive, celebratory visual message for the University.

Versus was responsible for the live-action, design, animation, editorial, and color correction for this campaign, which featured :30, :15, and :06 videos.

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