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The Real Cost:

87 Tools

The damage done by “dipping” tobacco may lead to needing a mandibulectomy, a scary surgery that requires upwards of 87 different tools. With this in mind, FCB and Versus partnered with The FDA to create a campaign that leaned into the lifeless, industrial, and scary nature of these tools, with the aim to educate them on the effects of “dipping” tobacco.

Project Components

Design & Animation
Live Action
Post Production

Versus created a completely own-able look to this campaign that will be referenced for years to come. 87 Tools was a brilliant conceptual approach to inhibiting the use of tobacco by exploring the tools that are used to remove cancer, one that creates an existential anxiety in the viewer. Versus took that idea and then created an approach that takes advantage of primal fear, pitting the most human qualities against the most lifeless and industrial. We drove this to feel like a mix of a badass tool demo, and an epic movie title sequence. All wrapped in our powerful message.

All the pieces of the 87 Tools campaign worked together to create a single cohesive brand and experience. The social videos work with the video content pieces and the banners are in line with IG stories, etc. Versus went in with the mindset that no piece is an extension of each other, but rather are all fully considered and working as one.

This approach also applied to how we built the look and feel. We wanted the story, cinematography, design, edit, and audio to be working as one to create a full cohesive experience. The design doesn’t drive the cinematography, and the visuals don’t influence the audio, instead they are all considered as one, and influence each other. When we approach a project in this thinking, we know that great things happen and we blur the line between the parts of the project and experience it as a whole, working together in a totally realized campaign.

Look Exploration & Development

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