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Accelerated Ideas

The Lexus IS series is challenging, iconoclastic and self-assured with cars that bring increased horsepower and thrilling acceleration. To celebrate the launch of its 2016 models VS. created powerful, challenging, and iconoclastic ideas for Gawker Media readers that aligned with the Lexus IS brand, then broke them down at a breathtaking pace that reflected the impressive capabilities of the car for the six part online series, “Accelerated Ideas, Presented By Lexus.”

Project Components

Design & Animation
Live Action
Post Production

With the help of YouTube Influencer Paul Wallace of Supercars of London, VS. took viewers through high speed explanations of speed-related concepts as they related to various automotive, emotional, and technological schools of thought. Each video, which ranged from :30 – :60 was designed to live within the mysterious nature of the Lexus IS, and kept within the dark and moody brand sensibility of the existing Lexus campaign.

Paul was immersed in graphics, interacting with animated typography, stock footage, and 3D models that were used to reinforce the video’s themes. Scripts were written with a smart, confident tone, conveying lots of information into a short segment, and using playful metaphors mixed with everyday language to help the viewer best understand a vast amount of complex topics and issues.

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