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Versus Editorial Director:

Brian Sanford

Brian approaches projects with strategic focus and is recognized as a true collaborator among partners. He promotes an open culture in the editing room where teams are motivated to share ideas, have fun and create remarkable work.

Project Components

Design & Animation
Live Action
Post Production

AppleGate Farms “Mooscles” : A Classic Spot To Launch A Brand
This campaign successfully launched the AppleGate brand and picked up plenty of awards in the process. The now iconic “Mooscles” spot still gets media buys from AppleGate because it’s just great work

Jeep “Portraits” : A Mold Breaking Super Bowl story
Winner of the Super Clio and one of the first broadcast spots to truly embrace vertical video, this spot stands out as a creative leap for the car category by putting story and emotion first.

The Pharrell “Girl Tour” : Documentary with Commercial Sensibilities
Focusing on the art of dance, this 10 part docu-series focuses on the team of otherworldly dancers that accompanied Parell on his “Girl” tour. Mixing film techniques reserved for high fashion, cinema verite and music videos, we created a truly memorable series.

Brooklyn Nets “We Go Hard” : Integrated Motion GFX
This fast paced film got every fan in Brookly’s Barclays Center out of their seats cheering. The story and attitude of Brooklyn stand at the forefront as we mixed the film of Versus director Damien Drake (Tiger King) with Versus visual effects.

Cheetos “Busted” : Award Winning Comedy with Organic Growth.
This spot began as a small ad buy on Nickelodeon but after an amazing audience reception and a Clio shortlist it was clearly destined for a wider audience. The client agreed and pushed the spot out for a national release and continued the campaign for years to come.

Alfa Romeo “Power” : Montage and Metaphorical Storytelling.
The brief was simple enough. Take the monologue from Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” and make something amazing. This film is a true exercise in the art of montage and juxtaposition in filmmaking which was critical to the agency winning this brand.

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