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We are Versus. A full service creative studio partnering with agencies and brands to tell compelling stories that inspire, engage and excite. From concept to delivery our approach is design driven, aiming to bring each project to its full potential, regardless of size. We believe in bringing our partners closer to the process and the idea, working towards a shared goal of creating engaging and memorable work.

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Lenovo, ThinkPad Torture Tests:

ThinkPad X1 Yoga is tough, so tough it survives 12 military specs and over 200 durability tests. But what about when it’s put through severe torture while playing a music video by world champion beatboxer, Rahzel? Versus, Erwin Penland, and Lenovo decided to find out. Versus was challenged to feature the product through real, relatable, human scenarios in the actual ways our devices get abused day in and day out.

Led by Versus award winning director Juan Delcan, all of the torture tests in this film were carried out while a single ThinkPad played an original Rahzel track and accompanying video. We hear and see the entire song play out as the film match-cuts from one extreme and gritty scenario to the next, with the atmospheric sound of each scene retained to keep a natural sensibility. In the end, the music never stops, and neither does the ThinkPad.

The results of the “Beatbox Torture Test” for its ThinkPad X1 Yoga product, executed solely on Lenovo’s Facebook page, delivered 340,000 views, 183,000 likes and 2.6 million impressions in its first week alone.


Filson Clothing, Fighting Fire With Fire:

A full length branded content film and trailer for Filson, that Honors the Forest Service.

The film, shot over 5 days with producer and director/DP embedded with the US forest service, features the tireless efforts of the caretakers of America’s most cherished natural resources: our public lands.

Through their tireless efforts, 193 million acres of grasslands and national forests are ours to explore and cultivate-now and for generations to come. As part of our celebration of the Forest Service, Filson is introducing a limited-edition collection of products, restoring a historic lookout tower and telling the stories of those who protect, manage and cultivate our natural resources.


History Channel,   Vikings / Infiniti   –   High Altitude / Citizen Watch

Award winning Co-Branded campaigns for History Channel



Versus paired up with History Channel and Infiniti on a co-branded campaign for Infiniti and this season of the hit series, Vikings.  For this campaign, which included both :30 and :20 second spots, Versus modeled and animated a unique Viking Longship and then tracked in sleek typographic elements to illustrate how these handcrafted ships were designed to enable the Vikings to have the speed, power, and control of the open seas that they needed.


High Altitude:

For this campaign, which included both :30 and :20 second spots, Versus created an informative and dynamic look at the life and climbs of Sir Edmund Hillary. Using a mixture of photo projected 3d and full cg models, the team at Versus created an immersive and engaging 3d world with a real and dramatic sense of scale and height. Motion graphics were then layered into the picture throughout the journey to re-enforce the voice over and messaging.


Tampax, First Tampon Stories:

For girls just beginning their periods, every detail of this new stage can be intimidating and confusing – especially when it comes to tampons. That’s why simple instructions for first time users are incredibly helpful. What sometimes feels like a taboo topic, needed to be approached in a creative and accessible way. With that in mind, Publicis and Tampax turned to Versus for both live-action and post-production on a series of FIRST TAMPON STORIES, showing young women that they’re not alone in feeling this way.

For this brand new series, consisting of four, 2-minute+, videos, Versus Director Cathryne Czubek filmed several young girls bringing to life the harrowing and sometimes hilarious tampon adventures that await young women. Each episode featured one girl’s personal story about a particular topic, such as understanding what a tampon is, how she found her vagina, how she figured out which size tampon to use, or learning what absorbency is.

In post, Versus Creative Director Justin Barnes and award-winning female illustrator Jordan Bruner developed a youthful and vibrant visual style through rich and textured illustrations. The Versus animation team then animated these eye-popping illustrations in fun, entertaining ways that were both human and relatable. Hitting the right tone was crucial here, so Versus made sure to convey moments of vulnerability, reassurance, humor and, of course, triumph, all to make sure that these stories resonated with the viewers.


Kia, Scent Lab:

You can’t smell like an NBA superstar. But now your Kia can. To promote that they are now the Official Automotive Partner of the NBA, Momentum Worldwide and Kia Motors partnered with Versus to launch a promotional and social campaign that unveils its newest innovation: air fresheners with the “distinct in-game musk” of your favorite NBA teams.

Versus created a series of videos featuring the Kia Scent Lab, where scientists work around the clock to help people to live and “breathe” the players they love–literally.  Featuring a dry comedic take on the extreme seriousness that some people take their jobs and passions, these pieces feature men and women driven (and possibly driven crazy) by their work.  The films drive viewers to stop by a participating Kia dealership to get their aromatic ornament — 18,000 were produced and will be given away at 190 dealerships across the U.S. These content pieces that are airing on all of Kia’s social channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), with further shares coming from 12 of the NBA teams the auto manufacturer supports.

Kia’s Scent Lab video generated 97 million impressions in its first month, including a completely unsolicited, organic retweet by LeBron James to his 35 million followers.


CBS-NFL, Thursday night animated stories:

Anything can happen on Thursday Night and that’s exactly what CBS Sports wanted to convey when they challenged Versus to create unique animated segments for all CBS Thursday Night Football broadcasts during the 2017 season.

Versus has been tasked with creating minute-long topical animated segments to start each game. Given the explosive and unpredictable nature of the NFL games the project was set up to keep the subjects fluid, thus allowing CBS to highlight the most pivotal players or matches in a given week. With this in mind, the topic for each segment is selected one week out, with Versus tasked to design, animate, edit, score and sound design the piece prior to game-time on Thursday.

While football graphics tend to be skewed toward testosterone and in-your-face 3D, Versus has steered away from that and treated this project more like weekly independent films. Juggling styles, tones, and their animated techniques has allowed Versus to properly spotlight each week’s story, while also allowing them to juggle the pressures and perils of creating on a tight deadline.

VERSUS has received 4 Emmy Nominations as well as 2 gold Telly Awards for our CBS Thursday Night Football work.

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