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Change Pays

Versus Shows that “#ChangePays” for S&P

Creative Studio Versus was recently tapped by Publicis to help create a social responsibility campaign consisting of eight live-action spots and eight animated videos for S&P Global. Aimed at a global audience, the “#ChangePays” campaign illustrates that gender equality in the workforce not only makes the world a better place, it makes financial sense.

Project Components

Design & Animation
Live Action
Post Production

Shot as an empowering manifesto by Director Danielle Katvan, the live-action spots featured 160 girls from all over the world addressing camera with confidence and authenticity, to convey that the numbers tell a different story about equality.  These girls then bring these numbers to life by literally forming a human pie chart that represents the vital statistics that people ignore.  Juxtaposed with building graphics, these spots bring to life the stunning humanity that lies within the numbers.

For the social campaign, Versus needed to find an approach that showcased that same balance of humanity and information.  To do so, the animation team created a video canvas a bold, yet fluid visuals where faces and compelling statistics were born out of the S&P brand elements.  These poppy, yet sophisticated treatments called out the brand’s key messaging and will be featured on all the company’s social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Youtube).

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