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First Tampon Stories

For girls just beginning their periods, every detail of this new stage can be intimidating and confusing – especially when it comes to tampons. That’s why simple instructions for first time users are incredibly helpful. What sometimes feels like a taboo topic, needed to be approached in a creative and accessible way. With that in mind, Publicis and Tampax turned to Versus for both live-action and post-production on a series of FIRST TAMPON STORIES, showing young women that they’re not alone in feeling this way.

Project Components

Design & Animation
Live Action
Post Production

For this brand new series, consisting of four 2 minute+ videos, Versus Director Cathryne Czubek filmed several young girls bringing to life the harrowing and sometimes hilarious tampon adventures that await young women. Each episode featured one girl’s personal story about a particular topic, such as understanding what a tampon is, how she found her vagina, how she figured out which size tampon to use, or learning what absorbency is.

In post, Versus Creative Director Justin Barnes and award-winning female illustrator Jordan Bruner developed a youthful and vibrant visual style through rich and textured illustrations. The Versus animation team then animated these eye-popping illustrations in fun, entertaining ways that were both human and relatable. Hitting the right tone was crucial here, so Versus made sure to convey moments of vulnerability, reassurance, humor and, of course, triumph, all to make sure that these stories resonated with the viewers.

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