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NY Knicks:

Game Open Projection

The crew at VS. worked with the Knicks to create an immersive and explosive pre-game graphic package and show for the 2015-2016 Knicks season. The 1:30 piece features 3d graphics, videos, photos, and player intros projected onto the court using the newly installed 12k resolution projection system.

Project Components

Design & Animation
Live Action
Post Production

Challenged to envision the “heart of the city” for the Knicks and MSG, the team brought the life the energy and power that Knicks fans feed the players through their intensity , love, and passion for the team. We wanted to imagine how the fans electrify the team almost as well as the players electrify the city, so we harnessed that feeling through the use of animated shockwaves, glowing court lines, energy grids, light streaks, pulsating graphic elements, and artery-like cables feeding into the Knicks logo.

The piece also features a high energy edited player montage of photos and video footage set to driving dramatic dub-step music. The look and feel is dark contrast using oranges and blue tones with a gritty urban NYC vibe. Playing to both sides of the court in a mirrored effect, the section gives the entire stadium a good view and larger than life perspective of the action.

All of this action was then reinforced by the LED costumes worn by the Knicks City Dancers, whose choreography was set to the projection in order to create a seamless fusion of dance, animation, game highlights, and beautifully shot player footage. The Knicks ‘Game Intro Projection can be viewed at all home games at MSG during the 2015-2016 season.

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