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The Brooklyn Nets:

Game Opener

To open the Brooklyn Nets’ season, Translation partnered with Versus to create the Nets’ Barclay Center’s Game Opening video. Capturing the essence of Brooklyn, The Nets, and their Fans, this video is told and seen through the eyes and perspective of Brooklyn’s youth. Their diverse, restless, optimistic and full-of-life nature parallels our film and the team in so many ways, capturing the hopefulness of a season and the love of Brooklyn.

Project Components

Design & Animation
Live Action
Post Production

Directed by Versus directors Justin Barnes and Brandon Kuzma, this film transcended the normal, to journey through Brooklyn in a fast-paced, stylized manner. No hard cuts or abrasive jumps in time and location were envisioned, so the final film flows from scene to scene in a fluid and harmonious way, with clever transitions done in and out of camera that take viewers on a non-stop journey that continuously builds in energy.

A big part of the success of this project was in how the video was treated in post. Animation, Typography, and VFX seamlessly were composited into the live action so that all worked as one. Billboards were brought to life, players were composited into reflections, and drawings blended into live action.

In addition to the game open video, Versus also created a seamless and immersive in-arena experience by creating an on-court screen takeover. Built to spotlight key moments in the Game Open, the Versus animation team choreographed animated banners that featured name, mottos, and imagery and that played in sync on Barclays Center ribbon, ring, concourse, and bowl monitors. All together these ingredients helped the video evolve into a vibrant, high energy kick off for each evening at the Barclays Center for this pivotal Nets season.

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