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Home Security

Home security’s not just about turning your security on—it’s about turning your insecurities off. Illustrating this fact was the challenge that Digitas brought to VS, as we partnered on six unique US spots, as well as two Spanish language versions, for the new Xfinity Home campaign.

Project Components

Design & Animation
Live Action
Post Production

For this project the VS team of designers and animators created a series of graphic, animated icons that lived within the Xfinity Home live action spots.  To create a modern, high tech aesthetic we gave dimension to the graphics, styling and animating each icon within the spotlighted moments to lend a cohesive sensibility to each spot. The text and icons lived in 3D space seamlessly and unobstructed, tracked to relevant movements, to draw attention to the Xfinity home features as they are explained within the live action.  The graphics lived and worked in the space together and never overpowered or removed the viewer from the narrative.

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