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Versus Editorial Director:

John Piccolo

JP brings a focus to the editorial craft and a collaborative spirit that has fostered agency, director and brand relationships over his 15 year career. His comedy and mockumentary work resonates with audiences and has garnered praise from both the industry and awards circuits. An avid sport-fisherman, conservationist and a passionate home cook in his spare time, JP finds himself attracted to the things in life that reward a diligent work ethic.

Project Components

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Live Action
Post Production

United Airlines – Anbessa Orchestra
To showcase how music could be the soundtrack for your United journey, United tasked four diverse musicians to remix their time-honored classic theme song, Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. Anbessa Orchestra pulled inspiration from the band’s signature jazz sounds while infusing it with energy from the place they call home, Brooklyn, NY.

Pepsi NFL
Classic comedy/dialogue out of BBDO as part of a partnership campaign with the NFL . Lucas celebrates with a Pepsi after finally getting Katie’s number. As he sips he can’t help but think if this was the same feeling Antonio Brown had when scoring a touchdown!

Crest Halloween
An instant viral classic with over 3 million views within the first 24 hours of upload and Adweek’s Ad of the week. Crest gave kids ‘healthy Halloween treats’ and their reactions were priceless. “Hey, you’re saying disgusting stuff is good stuff.. and it’s disgusting!”

Air Wick Shapes and Sizes
Beautiful art direction out of Droga5. In large rooms with chandeliers and tiny secret rooms with books, people use Air Wick to dial up or down the fragrance of their choice. Yes, Air Wirk considers tree houses to be rooms as well.


Set to Willie Nelson’s ‘You were always on my mind” our hero takes us on a romanticized journey throughout her home while showcasing products from IKEA’s home collection.

Cafe De Colombia Liftoff
Adweek’s Ad of the Day. What if humankind’s greatest strides aren’t made by the biggest steps?” This imagery, juxtaposed with the many steps that it takes to create quality 100% Colombian coffee, is meant to reinforce the importance of a coffee bean’s origin since the resulting brew is so often a crucial fuel that drives breakthrough work.

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