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American Express:


The Platinum Card from American Express is for those who set out to see the world when others don’t. Who want to understand different cultures, taste unique flavors and experience interesting cuisines. A card for those who live life to the fullest.  To tell their stories in a way that felt Platinum, Digitas tasked VS. with creating two premium :30 second spots, from existing American Express life photography.

Project Components

Design & Animation
Live Action
Post Production

To create these spots in a way that elevated American Express, VS. used a multi-tiered technique of breaking apart and rebuilding the photos, putting them into 3d space, and giving them life. Individually each measure on its own would succeed in creating a parallax motion, but when used correctly together, VS was able to add a sense of wonder, story and viewer involvement.

Careful consideration was paid to all framing, keeping balance and guiding the viewer’s eye through the story.  Unexpected details within each image were then brought to life, building a sense of depth building from the Parallax motion, and creating a detailed environment where the images pulled you in and took you on a journey. VS worked to create the perfect balance of parallax movement, with subtle animated moments combined with natural elements such as lens flares, caustic and volumetric lighting, and dust in the sunlight.  Once combined this brought a wow factor to the spots and added a heightened sense of realism that brought viewers into the Platinum world, a world where everything is high-end, nothing is overlooked, and everything seamlessly works together to create a memorable experience. VS’ American Express Platinum 360 Odes are currently airing, as well as being displayed on the iconic LAX digital tower at the Los Angeles International Terminal.

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