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H2O Wireless:

Real Plans for Real People

H2o Wireless, the nation’s leading provider of no contract wireless service, recently tasked Versus to create their 2018 Spring Brand Campaign for on-air and social channels.

As a company that constantly aims to offer the most practical, cost-wise, and convenient way to access wireless services, h2o challenged Versus to find a similar approach to the campaign.

In this case, we were given a blank canvas and told that we did not have or need to lean into any existing h2o assets. The end result is Versus’ “Real People, Real plans, for Real life” campaign, a series of videos that dives into the weird and wild world of stock video to juxtapose ridiculously NOT real world video against real world savings.

Project Components

Design & Animation
Live Action
Post Production

Knowing we had to go the stock route for the spot, led us to write the campaign in a way that used our limited assets as a strength, and played into them. We didn’t want to create the typical stock footage spot, we wanted this to stand out and make people take a second look at not only the spot, but hopefully their wireless plans as well. So we decide to lean into the fact there is so much un-real, silly and weird stock out there, and play into it in a way that helped build a strong contrasting message. We also played into the brand’s signature yellow brand color, by using stock with subtle hints of yellow, creating “brand signifiers”  that helped to subtly relate the message to the brand, while making the spot feel cohesive and fully h2o Wireless.

The result is a fun and unexpected spot, with contesting imagery and a relatable message, that captures the brand’s light tone, and market outlook.


 Versus concepted, scripted, edited, and animated 1 x :60 and a special :30 Hulu version for Hulu pre-roll.

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