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Scent Lab

You can’t smell like an NBA superstar. But now your Kia can.
To promote that they are now the Official Automotive Partner of the NBA, Momentum Worldwide and Kia Motors partnered with Versus to launch a promotional and social campaign that unveils its newest innovation: air fresheners with the “distinct in-game musk” of your favorite NBA teams.

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Post Production
Versus created a series of videos featuring the Kia Scent Lab, where scientists work around the clock to help people to live and “breathe” the players they love–literally.  Featuring a dry comedic take on the extreme seriousness that some people take their jobs and passions, these pieces feature men and women driven (and possibly driven crazy) by their work.  The films drive viewers to stop by a participating Kia dealership to get their aromatic ornament — 18,000 were produced and will be given away at 190 dealerships across the U.S. These content pieces that are airing on all of Kia’s social channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), with further shares coming from 12 of the NBA teams the auto manufacturer supports.

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