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Husky Tools:

Social Campaign

The Home Depot’s Husky tools are innovative and durable enough to handle the toughest jobs. They are engineered with such high levels of precision and quality they have to be seen from every angle to be believed. With that in mind, to create demos that truly illustrated the benefits of the tools, 22squared turned to long term partner Versus to create photo-real CG demo videos that capture rugged usability of Husky’s products for their new campaign.

Featuring six priority products, Versus created 10 videos, set in multiple aspects ratios, for Husky’s 144-Position Pro Ratchet, Tool Chest & Cabinet Set, Utility Light, 2-in-1 Rafter Square, Mobile Workbench, and Dual Direction Extraction Socket Set.

Project Components

Design & Animation
Live Action
Post Production

By choosing to create the videos in 3D, Versus had full control over every aspect from the look, pacing, movement, environment, to the camera angles. Additionally, by not being bound to real world physics or production logistics, Versus was able to achieve complex set-ups like tools exploding in and out of drawers or tools pouring into shelves with ease and precision. 3D allowed the team to capture the nuanced action of a moment suspended in time, a moment that shows incredible detail, beauty and grace and that could never be seen in real time through practical photography.

To complete this complex task Versus began by modeling all of the actual Husky products to create a 3D model that was an exact replica, with precise specs, measurements, and material properties. Coinciding with the modeling, the team storyboarded out each video so that all parties had a clear idea of what our spots are going to look like and what’s happening within them. These also served as a guide for our CG artist to follow.

With the models in place and stories approved, Versus textured the products and applied real world metals, plastics, rubber and glass that are used in Husky products. Using our textured and lit models, the team then created a distinct garage environment and high-res photo-real stills that were indistinguishable from the real products. These were then animated and composited per the approved storylines to create powerful vignettes that illustrate the features of the products in unique and dramatic ways. Featuring quick cuts and varied close ups, the animations alternated speed and camera angles to heighten drama while presenting the tools as the rugged, yet high-end products that they are.

The final videos and stills created for the Husky Holiday campaign were featured on The Home Depot’s Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter channels starting in November of 2019.

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