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NY State:

State of Respect

With COVID on the rise and safety on everyone’s minds, Versus and Conquistadors teamed up for a campaign designed to create a new symbol of respect.

Featuring the map of New York State telegraphed as a mask, the ‘campaign, State of Respect,’ is a tribute to the strength, connection, and resiliency of New Yorkers in the fight against COVID-19. A celebration of diversity and solidarity, the work was created by an all-star roster of artists that was brought together by Versus from all over the world, starting in New York, and spread as far as Sydney, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Buenos Aires.

Project Components

Design & Animation
Live Action
Post Production

In an effort to appeal to a broad demographic, the posters feature a range of styles, from photo illustration and cubist to geometric and illustrative, as well as diverse subjects across age, gender and race.

The State of Respect campaign will be on display on more than 8,000 digital screens throughout the transit system and billboards.

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