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JG Prolock:

Stress Tests

Since 1961 John Guest has been setting the standard for the polymer fitting industry across Europe. To help them bring that experience and expertise to the United States, Catch and Versus have partnered forĀ an online video campaign that seeks to change the way American plumbers do business.

Project Components

Design & Animation
Live Action
Post Production

To illustrate just how tough JG Prolock fittings are, Catch and Versus Director/CD Justin Barnes conceived a series of self-contained torture tests that feature an everyday plumber testing various extremes, including tension, pressure, and heat situations. After all the tests were completed, the fitting proved its worth, as we showed its durability through all by featuring it in action.

Versus was responsible for the live-action, animation, editorial, and color correction for this campaign, which featured a main :60 video for Youtube, as well as a series of :15 second individual tests for social distribution

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