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Tazo Tea:

Sweet Meets Spicy

Versus met with United Entertainment Group (UEG) to discuss how we could create engaging content that would spotlight Starbucks’ tea brand Tazo as it  released a new home Keurig-cup flavor: Chai Latte. Our challenge was to create a compelling, story-driven, engaging content series  that was built around the essence & purpose of the product, the passion points of  their audience, and the credibility & authenticity of their partner, author and Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi.

Project Components

Design & Animation
Live Action
Post Production

VS knew that the winning formula would communicate the essence of Tazo Chai Latte, have a unifying thread that tie all pieces together, as well as back Tazo’s ‘Sweet Meets Spicy’ brand ethos.  Its was also equally important that each be able  to stand on its own and deliver an insight, value or takeaway for the consumer who may view only one episode. With this in mind, VS conceived and created ‘Tazo Chai Latte & Padma Lakshmi Present,’ a compelling, engaging six-part content series that features sweet and spicy artisan makers who stand out by putting a distinct, creative twist on an art form, product, or culinary delight. Conceived by the team at VS., the series visited local makers in their studios and kitchens, where Padma Lakshmi had the opportunity to try, test, or taste each artisan’s work in progress. The idea was to make sure that Padma  had the ability to always be involved, never resorting to just observing and asking  questions. She’s eaten everything, been all over the world, and has a dozen irons  in the fire, so if Padma can learn something or experience something new and we could capture that moment on camera — then we knew we would have something very special.

Once in edit our team pored over hours of footage to craft in-depth stories that would help our audience to understand what motivates inspires, challenges, and excites these makers.  Working with UEG and Padma intimately, we were able to get to heart of each story, spotlighting both product and process for each unique creator. Over the course of 6 weeks, VS edited and finished the six episodes, as well as two series promos.  VS additionally created a TAZO branded series show package, consisting of a series open, lower thirds, transitions, and endpages.

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