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The Home Depot:

THD Halloween

Home Depot and 22 Squared recently continued their partnership with Versus on Home Depot’s 2019 Halloween Products Campaign. These extensive social campaigns, featured on, Facebook, Snapchat, and Pinterest were created for both the Die-Hard Shopper, who plans ahead for their Halloween each year, as well as the Casual Shopper who may not be aware of The Home Depot’s Halloween catalog.

Project Components

Design & Animation
Live Action
Post Production

To begin with, the goal for these spots was to create a Home Depot Halloween showcase that invited people of all ages a chance to have fun and express themselves. Versus met that challenge by concepting a magical stop motion style that could delight, surprise and fascinate viewers, blurring the lines between our world, fully grounded in the store, full of fun and engaging products being showcased, and a world where anything can happen. Taking place at The Home Depot, these videos showcased the new Halloween products coming to life at night; crawling out of their boxes, inflating, and coming together en mass in an amazing propped out scene, such as you might find in a front yard.

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