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Georgia Lotto:

Times the Win

The latest commercial for Georgia Lottery’s Times the Win Scratchers via BBDO Atlanta, is “The Greatest Thing to Happen To Multiplication,”

The concept spotlights that multiplying your win is an amazing thing and SO much better than multiplying some other things that aren’t as cool as money. Illustrating the dangers of multiplying everything from alarm clocks to parking tickets, this outrageous CG spot is likely the first in history to spotlight both donkey art and roller coasters in the same sentence.

Project Components

Design & Animation
Live Action
Post Production

Versus worked closely with the agency to bring their ‘literal’ rollercoaster ride of CGI to life, collaborating over the course of 4 weeks to create a bright, vivid spot that seamlessly blends the scripts vignettes together in a multi-dimensional way that brings to life the entirety of a unique 3D animated and type driven world.

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