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NFL Network:

Total Access

With the new season approaching, the NFL Network turned to Versus for this season’s promo launch of its long running nightly news show, NFL Total Access. Airing five nights a week, Total Access churns out the day’s top headlines, information and live reports, and provides fans with exclusive coverage and insight. Total Access is the one place for all your NFL news and information, so Versus leaned into this by defining what TOTAL access really means by juxtaposing Total Access clips with found footage and viral videos to illustrate just what TOTAL access means to viewers.

Project Components

Design & Animation
Live Action
Post Production

This high energy and unique campaign built the brand’s awareness through dynamic and high energy editorial and smart, engaging messaging that spotlight’s the show’s talent, insight, and exclusive content, such as its signature Team Cam.

Versus was responsible for the design, animation, and editorial for this campaign, which featured a series of promos and cut-downs, as well as web banners and key art for all of NFL Networks key platforms.

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