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Edelman and Samsung recently continued their partnership with Versus to create a series of online videos that bring together some of the most influential tech bloggers around to share their thoughts on the brand new Galaxy S9.

Project Components

Design & Animation
Live Action
Post Production

To make sure that consumers understand just how revolutionary the phone is the Edelman team tasked Versus with aggregating video from some of the most notable vloggers on Youtube, such as Unbox Therapy, and Marques Brownlee, and SuperSaf TV.  Clips featuring commentary on such category defining features as the phone’s Dual Aperture, Slow-Mo capabilities, and Snapdragon processor were then isolated, compiled, and scripted into a series of energetic and informative review videos that give viewers an unbiased look into this year’s most popular smartphone.

We created, a main :60 sec version, a few :30 versions highlighting different features such as the slow motion camera, and aperture, :15 second cut downs and a high energy :06 second spot.

To make the spots truly authentic, we built a custom Youtube interface to overlay over the video, that pulled the direct timecode from the quote on the video we were using. This way, the viewer can go back to the actual Youtube reviews and see the exact section and quotes from each person.

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