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Under Armour:

Victory Stories

Under Armour and Versus recently partnered on the latest Myfitnesspal Victory Stories episode, featuring fitness influencer John David Glaude. Directed by Versus Director Damien Drake, this short documentary spotlighted the influential crossfit athlete’s journey from “Obese to Beast”.

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Under Armor’s Victory Stories celebrate their community’s successes, from weight loss to marathons to health improvements, no matter how big or small. For this video, we featured a day in the life with John as he shared with us how he once weighed 360 pounds and wore 5XL shirts but gradually — or as his motto (and t-shirts) say, “one rep at a time” — cut all the way down to 190 pounds.

At his largest he was eating fast food “80 percent of the time” and drinking well over two liters of soda per day. Now a devoted fitness fanatic, Glaude has built a sizable following of over a half a million followers on his YouTube channel “Obese to Beast,” which documents the struggles and triumphs of his fitness journey, which has included heaping doses of functional fitness.

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